Welcome to the BC SUPPORT Unit Tapestry Project!

Welcome to the BC SUPPORT Unit tapestry project: Methods for Supporting Diverse Patient Engagement in a Diverse World! These modules are a set of educational tools designed to help support the inclusion of diverse people in health research. Here, you can find information on how to navigate the Tapestry Tool, before experiencing the project!

Have more questions? Check out the Tapestry Tool website for guides on how to navigate a Tapestry.

Now you’re all set! We recommend you watch the introduction video to this project before viewing the educational modules, which you can find on the next node, titled “Methods for Supporting Diverse Patient Engagement.” And don’t forget – we want to hear from you! You can add your own content, ask questions, or suggest topics for future modules by completing this Qualtrics form.

This project is funded by the BC SUPPORT Unit and Canadian Institute of Health Research. Visit the official project page here.

Want to learn more about how these modules were designed? Read the CREST.BD blog series about the project here.

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